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Prospective Approach (LWE2103035)

The third line of research of the project adopts a prospective approach in the analysis of the plant wealth of the region. On one hand, it analyzes the species protection Index and the potential risks in its conservation in the Betica mountain ranges. In coordination with the information developed by the species distribution maps, this analysis will allow the detection of ”floristic holes” and ”super hot spots” of plant biodiversity in which innovative management and conservation approaches can be applied. In addition, it investigates the risk of collapse of pollination and dispersal services in grass species and species with fleshy fruits in olive groves and arborescent bushes associated with differences in land use. To this end, it develops pollination networks and plant-plant interaction in degradation gradients in semi-arid shrub habitants in southeastern Spain and studies the role of pollinators and dispersants as links between agricultural habitats (with special attention to the olive grove) and remnants of natural habitat in agricultural landscapes.