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Do you know what SUMHAL is?

How do soil microbes affect different plant species?

Use of flux towers to quantify carbon and water exchange between the atmosphere and different ecosystems.

Interactions and relationships between species in the Sierra de Huétor

Decline of pine forests in Andalusia and the role of the microbiome in their resilience to climate change

Women and Girls in Science Day: Sandra Lendinez (WP5)

Women and Girls in Science Day: Elena Tena (WP4)

Love has come to the yellow-legged gulls

Ecological and evolutionary mechanisms of the floristic diversity of the Betic Mountains

Installation of GPS for tracking yellow-legged gulls

International Biodiversity Day (Gonzalo Nieto) (RJB)

International Biodiversity Day (Elena Tena and Sonia Sánchez) (EBD)


International Biodiversity Day (José Luis Garrido) (EEZ)

International Biodiversity Day (Antonio Delgado) (IACT)

International Biodiversity Day (Cristina Zamora, Manoli Alba and Gabriela Melchiorre) (IRNAS)

Wildcat photo-trapping in the Sierra Nevada National Park

Plant biodiversity in the Sierras Béticas

Feral Cats and their laboratory work (WP4) (EBD)

US Herbarium