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What is SUMHAL?

This is a European project, framed within the LifeWatch ERIC pan-European distributed e-Science infrastructure, which aims to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in Andalusia, through field work and virtual research environments.

This involves six Andalusian research centres and institutes, coordinated among themselves, in pursuit of a strategy for the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of natural systems as heterogeneous and fragile as those existing in Andalusia, requiring both a “conservation assessment” and a “threat assessment”.


Overall management and coordination


Integration with LifeWatch ERIC ICT Core


Exploring ways to generate, mobilize and disseminate long-term biodiversity information: from conservation baselines to management assessments


Combining field data, citizen science and IoT to monitor anthropogenic impacts on Andalusian biodiversity and society


eLabs-BioINTERACT: Ecological Interactions as Components of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


Development of protocols and indicators for monitoring and assessing the condition of the land at multiple scales


Improving the sustainability of Mediterranean forests and silvopastoral agro-systems under climate change


Use of isotopic fingerprints of Andalusian ecosystems as tools to assess changes in biodiversity, ecosystem management and sustainable development


Conservation of plant diversity in the Betic mountain ranges


Successful turnout at the stand of the Museo Casa de la Ciencia – CSIC Delegation

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Assessing the possible effects of climate change on Mediterranean forests through their bacterial populations

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Citizen science and annual censuses determine the increase in Seville’s parrot population in Seville

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More than 50 members of SUMHAL meet in Seville to check the status of the project

The SUMHAL project, Sustainability for Mediterraean Hotspots in Andalusia integrating LifeWatch ERIC…


May 2022
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Biodiversity has many benefits when it comes to good health and well-being, such as:

🌡 Reducing the impacts of #ClimateChange
🦠 Preventing infectious diseases
🍎 Provisioning water, food and clean air
💙 And much more!

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