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True or False Quiz for the Did you know from 16 to 20


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Some bats have smelly, sticky forearms, why?

To attract females

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What information do nitrate isotopes tell us about what is in rivers and lakes?

Agricultural, livestock and industrial pollution...

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Why do bats use smell?

Because they live their lives by day

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At what age do bats fully cease developing their wings?

At two years

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What do the isotopes dissolved in water give information about?

About deceased fish

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The age of bats can be checked by looking at their wings against the light.  

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Which sea has recently been known for its high amount of dead fish?

The Caspian Sea

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There are species on the Earth that don't interact with eachother and are isolated

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Are our bones formed at birth in a definitive way?


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What is one of the consequences of the loss of Biodiversity?

The extinction of ecological interactions

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